From the field

Our Own Worst Enemy

Not really sure about a few things here.  First there is a call that stops play during an attack for a player on the ground but not in any obvious pain or distress. At this level doesn't the game simply continue? Then just after the drop-ball restart there is a simple foul. Careless only, both […]

To PK or not to PK, that is the . . .

Pro Referee USA Training & Deveopment Manager Paul Rejer posts the following video for the purpose of showing that you can have a PK called without the player going to ground. He makes it clear that this is his interpretation not that of Pro Referee USA but he does make some good points. One being […]

Contact with the keeper

For the longest time there has been this idea that the goalkeeper could not be challenged within the confines of the goal area. The clip below is a really good example of a fair challenge, in the air, for the ball between a goalkeeper and a forward. If you also listen to the commentary from […]