Time Wasting

During the closing minutes of play teams that are winning will substitute players in order to kill some time. We know this, we see it happen all the time. In this case the player being sub-ed for is near the touch line farthest from the bench and the referee tells the player to leave over that touch line. He refuses and is shown a yellow card. He refuses yet again and heads to the far, bench, touch line and is shown a second yellow then a red. Not often do you see two cautions for the, in essence, same offense.

Goal-line Technology

So FIFA has approved the use of goal-line technology (GLT) at the Confederations Cup in 2013 and the World Cup in Brazil 2014. The company that won the competition is GoalControl out of Germany. They use 14 cameras placed around the stadium that are fixed on the goals continually revitalizing a 3D image of the ball in comparison to the goal. It is able to give the referee a signal on his watch in less than a second if the whole of the ball has crossed the whole of the line and under the cross bar, GOAL. It has been tested extensively and was one of two systems used in the Club World Cup this past Fall 2012.

With the pressure of the games that GLT will be used I can't imagine this is a bad thing. Any help at that, or really, any level is a good thing. From an officials point of view, "Did we get it right in the end?" has always been one of the things we strive for. That said, GLT is really for the big boys only. With the preparation, people, and cost for this to work it's only feasible at the highest level. At the moment I can only imagine it being used by some of the big leagues throughout the world but not all. As it is we don't even see radio technology used extensivly yet only in the top leagues and that's a much cheaper help to the officials crew. The future will be interesting.

FIFAtv short on testing GLT at the 2012 Club World Cup 2012

3 minutes of end to end action

You don't have to know anything about rugby to appreciate what goes on here. This is 3 minutes of open play. There are a few times that the center official could have called a foul but he played advantage and let the players dictate the game. This is the kind of open rugby Northern Hemisphere rugby fans (i.e. English) complain makes rugby like basket ball, all this passing and running. There are still plenty of hits here, they just get the ball out of the break down quick and run at the gain line.